Best 4 Romantic Films Available On Movie Streaming Platfroms

Each one us are in the need of seeking entertainment by making less effort. Now an individual can watch movies sitting at home, waiting at the airport and during leisure time by spending negligible amount of money on gadgets. For this many movie streaming apps are designed which can be downloaded through the internet to enjoy movies of our choice.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that the apps must be safe, free from virus and malware. MovieBox app is such a kind of free app which is highly suitable to watch movies. It gets downloaded very fast and has so many amazing features. You can stream uncountable number of movies to enjoy, going nowhere. ShowBox is another movie streaming app which is very popular and is most talked. It has many useful features and is appreciated by people all over the world. You can download it from its official website.

Generally, people like to watch movies of all genre but romantic movies are liked by a large category of audience. Some romantic movies you can watch on these apps are:

When Harry Met Sally

This movie is an Oscar-nominated film, released in 1989 and is a delightful timeless romantic classic. It has a sharp script drenched with romantic comedy. It contains most romantic lines which touches the heart of every viewer. This is a story based on two graduates studying together who get involved in a short term friendship. When five years later when they meet again they are forced to handle their relationship in a unique manner.

The Notebook

It is a magnificent film based on a novel liked by many people. It will make you feel happy, joyful and a part of the character. Brilliant acting of the cast tries to maintain interest in the film till last. Film is based on a strong plot in which a character Duke reads a novel based on two young people in 1940 that fall in love and endures life. Beautiful pictures of South Carolina create mesmerizing scenes. It is a must watch a romantic film.

Silver Linings Playbook

Adapted from a novel of the same name this is a complicated but an interesting love story. It is a highly romantic comedy-drama film based on a character suffering from bi-polar disorder released from a mental hospital. The story is based on a plot where the male character decides to deal his life on his own after he attacks his wife’s lover and faces the adverse consequences. Interesting recovery of the character and his passion for his love makes a good film and worth watch.

10 Things I Hate About You

Released in 1999 this is a Drama Romantic film for the teens especially. Based on a male character this has a story in which he cannot continue a relationship with his girlfriend due to his anti-social sister. This teen comedy is real and fresh where a father is over possessive about his daughter.

Watch these movies and be entertained.